Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tracking Classes and CGN

Below, Tank flips a plastic article on an urban track last year...looking for a treat...
I have decided to offer a short four week session of classes this spring, so no-one is tied down too long with a longer session. In four weeks, you should know if you want to continue further, are enjoying the work involved, and will see other dogs working at various levels and on different types of tracks.
I'm planning this a little different than what I've done in the past, after not offering classes last year (too busy with my own tracking dogs!), but there will be many changes in rules coming up the following year also, and now's a good time to incorporate those in the learning process.
I have asked for people with previous knowledge of tracking for these classes, they will not be set up for complete newcomers at this time.
I'm looking for input from people interested before I set the classes up, so if you're interested, contact me: sustracks@gmail.com It's possible to have both weekdays and weekends going, field and urban.
On Sunday, June 10th, there will be a Canine Good Neighbour Test in North Bay on Lakeshore Drive in front of Global Pet Store. You can drop in there for information and to register, or can also contact me for further information. A great programme for all dogs, registered purebred OR mixed breeds!