Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Day Tracking Workshop

I've not offered classes for over a year due to the amount of time I needed and wanted to spend with my own dogs last year. Getting Trusts' UTDX (and TCh) was very time consuming, along with continuing Tanks' and Blasts' Urban training. However, a few former students or ones attending seminars in the past were interested. I decided to do a four week workshop for those already having some tracking knowledge, so it would not start as a "beginner" class. A few of the dogs will be beginners but not the owners. Ending up with enough to split it into two days, we began with the smaller group today...three owners and four dogs.
Funny, there are two dogs named "Gracie" in the Wednesday class. Cheryl and Gracie have finished their first track. We did a refresher on how to lay a proper track to begin with, then each person went out and laid their own tracks, just two legs and one corner. Our "other" Gracie, with Ramona heading out to the second track. The second tracks were laid by me, two in my socks, no boots, how lucky were those dogs!?This is Ramona and Gracie on their first track, nearing their first corner. Nice fields and good conditions today for the first class.Where the heck did Maurita go? She is out laying her first track, and finally spotted a tiny, moving speck way out there just left of the trees on the right.She did come back! Actually this is her on her second track with Thomas. He earned a TD over a year ago, and had a bit of layoff, but think they will now work towards their TDX this year...I'm hoping...While I'm out laying the last two tracks, the "attentive" group is waiting. Well, at least Libby is watching!Rewarding Thomas at the end of his first track...lots of play with Maurita and the glove.Gracie nears her article on the first track, and Ramona is moving up to play with her.Cheryl and Gracie with their glove ending their second track. Gracie's saying give it to me, it's mine!!!!I love this picture. Libby is an "older" girl and has finished her second track today. Ramona has the article in her hand, and I think this picture just shows the bond between them. Libby had the last track of the day and a very long walk in and out when the temperature had become warmer. She certainly earned her reward.