Monday, June 11, 2012

Canine Good Neighbour Test Sunday

 I tested 9 dogs on Sunday, after a stormy delay to the start of 1/2 hr. it quickly got hot and humid.  Luckily we were done before noon.  A completely different group of dogs, from an 8 lb. LH Mini Doxie to a huge Great Dane.  All the dogs were very nice and quiet, calm dogs....not used to this!  It was a nice change.  These people had a really hard time for the one exercise where you get your dog revved up and then 'quiet' it down.  Most of them didn't "rev up"!!!  Eight of the nine dogs passed, I wish they all had.
 Global Pet Food, on Lakeshore Drive in North Bay sponsored the test, providing a huge 'goodie' bag to everyone entered.  That alone was worth the entry fee!
 I have soooooo many pictures, but tried to just put one of each dog on here, and doing different exercises in the twelve part test.
 Thank you to my volunteers who helped with this, I couldn't have done it without them;  Irene, secretary, Steve, Nadine, Tascha and a few others that came and went and helped out for "the crowd".  Also a big thank to Emma for being the test dog on such a hot day!  A big thanks to George from Global for providing the goodies and one of his own dogs on one occasion, and setting up the tent.
 It was a group of nice people, with very good attitudes towards their dogs.  Two people had two dogs each entered.  Because of the weather, first the storm, then the terrible heat and humidity, we unfortunately didn't have many spectators; a few walking by....or 'in' the test area, were curious.  It's such a good program, I wish there was more interest and more coverage by local media.
 Our local newspaper has a weekly section and I hope they will put some pics. and info. in there that I sent them.  I think promoting responsible owners who have trained their dogs to be good companions should be welcomed in their neighbourhoods and recognized for this. Above was our largest dog, a Great Dane.
 You can tell these people love their dogs.  I believe the majority of them were rescued dog; many were interesting 'mixes'.
 Why is everyone taller than me????  This young lady only had her dog a few months.  I'm giving her a quick run-down here before entering the ring. 
And our smallest dog...8 lb. Abbey who did a nice job after I was continually told she would not pass!!!!  I will tell Tascha to name her next dog "Faith".