Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Kira Track for a Few Days

 I was able to get out really early this morning to lay a short track for Kira.  Was a light dew overnight, a little damp still in shaded areas.  The next week has high temps. and high humidity every day in the 30's.  Above, Kira has just gone a few feet off the start.
 I left random food drops, and less on this track.  She had been tending to pass the food, but then would want to turn back to it.  I wanted to correct this.  I felt she moved at a better and steadier pace along the track today.
 I laid it in a meandering fashion, some in curved pathways and some in open area.  So it was partly like serpentines, and partly straight with a few turns.  Above, she has just made a nice right turn, with a food drop about 2' past the corner.
 Kira is working along this pathway very nicely right on the track.
 She had made another turn here and was just moving out on the straighter section.  She was very focused and I was pleased, as we've also not done anything for a few days.
 Suddenly, she stopped dead and refused to move forward.  This was very, very strange.  I had not noticed anything when I laid the track, but she wasn't moving.  Of course, I always think 'bear' first.  I heard and saw nothing.  She wasn't barking or growling, but wasn't moving.  Very odd.  Finally I walked up beside her and got her to go forward.  She was a bit hesitant, but walked a few feet and then put her nose down again.  No idea what happened here.  It was very strange.  She did not act "afraid" at all, but wasn't going!!!
 So, we've passed this previous area, and she's moving fine again.
 We're getting near the end, and she has picked up a little speed.
 We come to a decision here, left or right?  She turned left, lost scent, lifted her head and had a look around.  (Any connection to where she stopped dead a little further back???)  Quickly she put her head down again, and shortly turn right.
Very shortly, she zoomed in on her article, a sock.  Good girl!  I had her tug for her to play with after this.  And she happily almost ripped my arms off me playing with it!