Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nosework Seminar June 23

 I attended a Nosework Seminar last Saturday with expectations...have heard it is nothing but fun, fun, fun.  And it was, as well as very interesting.  It's a pretty new thing in Canada, but sure it will 'catch on'.  Above, we are just entering the enclosed area for our first go-round.  The introduction involves plastic containers with treats inside and the dog checks through and around them and finds the right one, then it's a big reward...for Kira, it is the tug.
 The dog "gets the idea" and each time in you see a big change in every dog searching.  A specific scent is added to one box, and lids are added as well.   Unfortunately, these pics. are grainy, we took videos of every dog (10) but still working on watching that.
Thanks to my camera crew of Tascha!  She went with Emma who was pretty amazing.  Look at the size of the plastic containers...extra work for the little dogs!
 A very nice thing about this also, is the attention given to each dog to accomodate any that may be fearful, reactive, or agressive.  Great care is taken to make sure the whole event is fun for every dog and causes no concern for any.  It is a relaxing and fun event.  Although Kira has, in the past, been introduced to pretty much every possible situation, this was one new to her...around a lot of other dogs and in a 'dog building'.
She was completely at ease from the start, and we had no issues of any kind.  We were able to crate inside and she was perfect.  I had expected to leave her in crate in the van, and it was hot, so a concern.  This worked out perfectly. 
 We have just reached one box where she is showing interest.  The right one!
As this was the first time in, the dog is encouraged to get the Benny Bully treats in the bottom (with little dogs you tip the box).  Boxes are moved around, lids put on some, the scent is introduced to the dog, and some lids then put on securely.  So each time you go in, the bar is raised a little.  A few holes are in the lids so the dog scents from there as it moves around.  Lots more to this, but this was a great intro. and I think we will likely pursue it.  The difference in some dogs was amazing to see, especially the 'hesitant at first' dogs.  After a few times, the reward for Kira was the tug, as she finds this much more fun than food.  You can use, or do, whatever you find is the most reward for the dog; for some, they continue with food.
Take a look, this site is still being worked on: and Brenda (instructor) should have it completed soon.