Saturday, June 30, 2012

Too HOT again, Humid and Deerflies!

 Setting up to catch the ball.  Too hot again for anything more than short walks, and a bit of ball playing.  Expected thunderstorms, with the high humidity, but nothing yet.
 And she pushes off.  We have cut paths throughout the front fields to walk in; since the fields are no longer used for hay, they are pretty wild and hard to get through.  The deer flies are horrid right now also, so we don't spend much time out there.  This morning we did 3 nice little walks through the forest with the dogs...they loved that.
Kira found something wonderfully smelly to roll in, so had a bath when we returned.
 I don't think she's ever missed a ball and on long throws she normally gets it in once bounce...or it bounces off her back...she's mighty fast.
We were playing with two balls to keep her busy.  Not too many, though, as it was too hot.  Hoping for a cool start to the day tomorrow, and try to get her out on a little track really early.  I was lucky to get Tank and Blast out two mornings this week...very early before the heat settled in again.  Forecast remains hot and humid for over another week.  We are in a no-burn, no firecrackers warning again also.  Hope everyone abides by it.