Monday, September 10, 2012

Carmspack Blast UTD TDX - New Title!

I'm back to not being able to load pictures, but just wanted to put something on about Blast!  He earned his Tracking Dog Excellent title on Saturday after and during the huge rainfall we had Friday and Saturday.  He worked steady on a lovely track plotted and judged by Laura McKay, on her first judging assignment.  The track had eight legs, 7 corners, a road crossing, and two ditches.  Nice thick groundcover, but soaking wet....we were all soaking wet....but who cares!  We Passed!!!
The next day he was entered in UTDX and was a smidgeon away from doing that also.  A truly great track, he worked his heart out. 
I might end up starting a new blog, hoping the same thing doesn't happen though, with the pictures not loading, don't know yet.  It's very frustrating.
We have one more try this year at the UTDX so it's back to work!
Luck again, no idea how I got this on!  This is judge Laura McKay with our Rosette for Blasts' TDX pass the day before.  Blast is another example of my wonderful Carmspack dogs!