Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is a Surprise!

I have no idea how I got these on..playing around and trying different things to put something on blog, didn't check until tonight!  I bet I can't find how I did it, but will try....These pics. from a track Tank did 2 wks. ago.  After I laid the track, coming back to get into van..below, the fellow on the mower showed up!  My start was right beside the pole, and he completely cut over the whole area of my first leg and start!
When we returned to do the track, above, we encountered this on our second grass leg!  Fellows were walking all over and around the area, and an article was almost right beside them!  When Tank and I reached them, they were standing there on a break, and we had to pause and chat, as they were curious about what we were doing.  Tank actually did the cut grass and this area quite well.
Now back to figuring out this stupid blog issue again!