Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kira's Deep Snow Searches

 The ball I had today was quite heavy and sure gets lost down in the deep new snow.  Doesn't matter, I don't think Kira would ever quit unless she was pulled off.
 And her tail never stops wagging, just like Blast when he's searching.
 She finally went back around and through trees to find the ball (you can barely see her here) where it landed hidden in the trees.
 Happy girl...."what now, mom?"  I had taken the ball so we could go for a bit of a walk.
After our short walk, we played a few fetches over the top of the plowed snow.  She was just flying over this, coming and going, having a great time.
I can't imagine the mess we'll have here tomorrow and the next day.  After 20cm snow yesterday, we are now under a heavy rainfall warning for overnight and tomorrow, with temps. rising to plus 7 C. by morning.  This is the craziest winter I can remember.