Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Princess Has Control!

Trust is above the carrying-ons of "the boys" climbing the plowed snow and watches for any bad behaviour.  We had 20 cm of snow yesterday, so there was lots to play in, and on, today.
Blast usually claims the highest mound for himself.
 Blast beat Tank to the ball and Tank comes out from behind the top of the snow.  They made a path down behind the mound.
 Out in the front field, just Tank and Blast were running through this.  Trust finds it a little too deep and hard going now.
 You need a fair bit of speed to keep moving through the snow when it's heavy and deep.
 Tank took a bit of a header here coming towards the packed snow alongside the driveway.
Blast is semi-lying in the snow.  He just loves this weather.  He was playing his "you can't see me" game, until I told him I could!!!