Monday, February 4, 2013

Some play time for Kira

 Everyone loves Trust.  Kira is giving her lots of kisses while Trust just stands there and accepts it...up to a point!
 Kira leads the way, Trust is content to just come along behind...that way she doesn't really have to tolerate too much of Kira!
 Next "group"....Tank time with Kira.  Now this will wear her out a little!
 What the heck is she doing here?  One of her weird contortions in fast speed, it looks like.  These two play well together, of course Tank wears out faster than she ever does.
 And once again, Kira leads the way...only Blast could catch her, but they do not 'play' together...maybe some day...
OK the fun is over, mom just called us to go in.  Kira gives Tank a kiss before coming.  She loves to have him to occasionally play with.