Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wise Owl, Other Wknd. Pics.

 This large Barred Owl was resting on top of a large spruce, trying to snooze.  I didn't think I'd get a picture of him, this tree is a very long way from the window I was standing in.
 And on top of the smaller tree beside him was a VERY annoying bluejay.  It was very comical to watch.  The bluejay would stand there screaming at the owl, and then periodically take off and fly around the owl, who just ignored him.  He would then land on the treetop again.  Talk about nerve.
 Yes, well, I guess we have strange wildlife here...!  A bunch of red squirrels feeding under one of the bird feeders.  Suddenly, a pine grosbeak appears to be 'dive bombing' the squirrels!  Just "happened" to catch him in the picture...he was just heading down for sunflower seeds, but kind of a funny shot.
Just a pretty shot into the west sky as I walked up the driveway.  Not sure what these clouds were was a change to come.