Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kira Walk & Tank Joins In

Many tracks in the snow.  There were deer and wolf tracks in the front field and across the driveway.  We've been hearing the wolves...pretty darn close...again...during the night.  Kira isn't really interested in them...she's actually getting a ball out of the snow.
Along comes Tank, and I had a ball on a rope hidden in my coat for them to play with.
Kira is dragging Tank through the snow.  She is 15 to 20 lb. lighter than Tank, but has a tremendously powerful jaw and won't give up anything...ever...
And then we resort to the "crazy time"....if you look closely, you will see all four of Kiras' feet are in the air.  She is having a great time, is just landing to pivot on top of Tank, and flip over his back.  She is one "crazy girl" and everything in life is just fun for her.