Friday, February 15, 2013

Snow Rules!!!

Blast surveying the scene on top of a snow bank...a brief rest from chasing balls.  Such is our life these days.  Nothing much else to do but go for walks/runs through the snow, down the driveway, play with balls...
We had another large snowfall overnight, continuing into this morning.  The snowplow fellow was here yesterday, and back again this afternoon!  Above, Trust is coming down the driveway, in the remaining tracks made by Davids' truck when he went out this morning.
We did have a nice couple of walks after the driveway was done this afternoon...even had sunshine!  Blast is on the other side of the pile of snow, finding a ball I threw over.  Poor Tank tried to get up a steep area and slid back down.  As usual, Trust 'watches over' the proceedings.
This is Kira, on a later walk coming over a plowed up snowpile.
Again, here is Trust watching 'the boys' running back over the top of this pile of snow.  It was actually quite lovely at this time, up to -10 C and just a light wind...not enough to start drifting over the driveway, luckily.
Kira coming down over the same pile the boys were on...kind of messed up now with all their climbing and jumping.  Back down to -20 C again tonight.