Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I hate that groundhog!!!

 Here we are, mid-March and more snow than the picture above.  I can't even force myself to take a "new" picture.  Normally, before now, we are out tracking!  I'm so glad I decided not to enter Tank in the test coming up in a few weeks in S. Ont.  We'd never be able to get ready for that.
 Again, this picture from a while ago, but pretty much every day looks like this.  Sun has been pretty scarce this winter.
My only joy these days!  Dog walks and tossing the ball over the top of the snow piles for the dogs to climb.  At least they are keeping fit this way.  This was a really high snowbank and she really had to work...most I cut out at the bottom of the picture.
 And these two pictures are just to make me happy, and remind me, that maybe soon.....we will be out tracking again.  These two pics. are Blast working on hard surface, through multi obstacles, 3 hr. aged track.