Thursday, March 21, 2013

Helloooo Spring!!!!! Huh?!

 No sign of spring here!  Snow every day all week, blowing snow as spring "officially" arrived, continuing since.
 So, the dogs love the snow, but I so want to get out tracking...
 Kira and I went down to check the salt lick and she, of course, had a great time.
 In her little mind...snow and a ball is all you need!
 Deer have been using the salt lick, it's odd, they make such an interesting pattern in it.  Haven't actually been many around...which is ok!
 I got a new Kong black frisbee a few days ago.  Unusual for Tank to get it, now he won't let it go so it's a tugging match with Blast.
 Blast eventually won, and now he is guarding the frisbee, a blue ball, and an orange ball.  Amazingly, he can carry all three when he puts them in the right order.
 I got this when Tank ran off with it.  Blast had momentarily dropped it and went after something else.  Poor Tank didn't have it for long!
 Right the hole...I got ya'!!!  Kira, of course.
Blast doing his wolf imitation coming out of the bush...except...don't think wolves carry blue balls!
I looked a pics. of the dogs last year, same dates, we were racing through a pond in the field, splashing water everywhere and having a great time.  Not a flake of snow in sight! Come on spring!!!!!!!!!