Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Took a leave from the blog..

I've not given up on the blog, it's just been frustrating having nothing but pictures of snow, and snow, and more snow, with dogs playing in it!!!
And that's still not changed.  It is the 9th of April, I'm heading down to my clubs' tracking test this weekend to be a tracklayer, and the forecast for my drive down is another large dump of snow.
So, just a few more snow pictures here, and I sure hope these will be the last of those!!! We do have spring birds returning, feel sorry for them.  And we have had some melt and some rain, but then more snow keeps coming in.
At least there won't be snow (I don't think) at the tracking test location.
 This fellow arrived a few days ago after rain, before next snowfall and scratched around in dead leaves at edge of forest.  The ground was solidly frozen, so there were no worms.  I threw out some oranges, cut up, don't know if he came back.
 The red-winged blackbirds began to arrive during a new snowfall and scrounged around under the feeders.  At least they have some food.  And we ALWAYS get a snowstorm after their arrival in the spring!
 This grouse, and two others come every morning and at dusk to feed under the feeders.  He/she saw me peeking through the bedroom window.  And below, Blast is perfectly happy to have snow as long as it lasts!