Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Visiting Friend & Hound Puppy Rescue 11 Yr. Later!

I visited my friend, Barb, 2 wk. ago and she has the nicest Siamese cats...these two cuddle up to sleep together.
 We drove over to look at the new buffalo farm not too far away.  Are these guys big!!!  I wasn't too impressed with their fencing for such weighty animals, so we didn't go too close to bother them, took pics. from a distance.
You can't really get the full impression of the size of this big boy, but that was a full round bale of hay he's eating.  The head alone, is enormous.
This is Craizin and Mac, two lovely Australian Shepherds.
 And this special boy is Isaac.  A friend near me, our local mayor at the time, and I took 10 hound puppies from a place in our township eleven years ago.  They were going to be shot the next day, as the man who owned them and their mom along with a couple of others, couldn't sell them for $50. each.  We did find homes for them within a couple of weeks.  They were very cute pups.  Barb took Isaac.  We hadn't been too sure of his fate, as he had a crooked/turned paw and ankle.  Our wonderful vet operated on him and it seemed to straighten out somewhat for a period of time, but eventually turned back again.  It never stopped Isaac.  It is the one he has his full weight on in the picture above.
You can see how it turns here, it has never caused him any concern, he runs and never had any trouble on stairs.  He's a very happy boy, and a very lucky one, that Barb has given him such a good life.