Monday, April 22, 2013

Bad, Bad Mr. Wet Blast!

 Well, I could have killed him, but he's been very good for a week, not going into the drink!  The snow is gone, so now there are "ponds"...I turned my back for a 'moment' and he was off like a shot, straight across the field.  He paused on the edge, looked back at me when I called, and jumped in.  Bad, bad, bad dog!
He came out pretty quick....soaking wet, knowing I wasn't too happy and ran through the field like a maniac, big smile on his face!  Hard to be mad at him, but when we went back to the house, he stayed out in the sun for a while before he could come back in. Lots of flooding up here, yesterday we went down to Gravenhurst for a scent detection seminar and Hwy. 11 was closed/detours in two places.  Never, ever seen that before.  Near me, I had to backtrack from 2 roads with water over them and closed.  Still some snow in the bush, hope it doesn't get worse.  Will put some scent detection pics. on soon, have to work on them, and way too many!!!