Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finally Out Tracking Again!!!

 Such a lingering winter, last Sunday we finally got down to business again.  Emma just took her second corner of the little grass berm and works across pavement.
 She worked so nicely through here, we're getting Tascha and Emma ready for spring test.  After so long not able to work, she is doing great!!!
Perfectly moving across the hard surface dead on the track, which was aged about one hour.  Nice work for both!
 We did two tracks for Emma, one aged less, we each walked one of them.  So it was a nice, fun and motivational start for her.  Above she has just taken her first turn on grass, works around to the back of the building into a different scenario with wind, sun/shade, etc. before going out on the hard surface.  She finds her first article on the grass and will turn after this onto the parking lot with two turns.  Tascha and Emma did a great job on both tracks!