Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tanks' first track of this year!

Intended to be a really well done, motivational track for his first of the year, this is what happened!  Our complete hard surface areas, on both sides of the buildings, was driven over and around, and over and washed by this fellow above...our article was sucked up as well.  Well, it turned into an interesting training track.
 Here we are on our third leg on 'grass' at the back side of this building. He has his first article, wood, coming up. We will then make a couple more corners before winding through a narrow area on the far side, and then head out to pavement.
 Found article, very nice.  I'm working on his down more, rewarding with treats, so that he doesn't move quickly past the articles and makes a better indication.
 We have already crossed a paved area, to my surprise, very nicely.  We are now on the area where our sock is missing.  Tank made some circles here and worked so well, I was very impressed.  Because I saw the cleaner before we left, I had a good idea what might happen, and decided not to age the track as long as planned.  So it was not too much over an hour aged.
 He is really working on this, don't you just wonder how they do it?!! This area was driven over, fellow circled on it at least 3x, sucked up sock, and then washed it. 
This is another section, still partly wet, and we just made a corner here.
I had left a treat shortly after the corner, and Tank is likely looking for it here where I saw 'something' little washed over to the side.  He continues on over a garden area, across more pavement and onto grass with another turn where he finds his final article.  He had less interest in it than I've seen with him, as I think he was totally pooped out after working so hard through all the hard surface.  He did great, considering.  We are rarely lucky enough to see "what happened" on many of these urban location when we lay a track, and go away for a few hours.  You never know what may have been on or over these places when you have left them to age.  Very interesting when you know and can really watch how your dog handles it.  This was very difficult for him being "just" back to working.  Good boy, Tank!!!