Sunday, April 25, 2010

Emma keeps all 4 on the ground!!!!

We were tracking today in a very open and high windy area, winds steady over 35 and gusting into high 40's. How little Emma wasn't blown off her track is a wonder. Instead, she did an amazing nose-down track, rarely lifting her head. Above she is on her 4th leg, and has already found one article. The sign on the fence is quite amusing (double click to enlarge); and we joked it was a darn good thing we were leaving before one o'clock...
Emma has just turned her 4th corner, Tascha is just reaching it to turn left. Emma is heading into an open sandy area used for horse pulls at the fall fair. This will be Emmas' first experience in a large sand area and her final article is at the end.
Emma just motored on through here like it was a breeze (the high winds are hitting the track from the side) and she was exactly on the track I had laid 45 minutes previously. Amazing!!!

Emma LOVES to play with her article after the track. She has been retrieving it a number of times and they are now running back towards me.