Sunday, August 22, 2010

And a Wet Track for Blast this Morning.

Our new tracklayer walks out on the first leg for Blast. I had plotted the track yesterday, leaving flags out, and David, my husband, walked it this morning. Blast has only had him lay a track once before, I think back in May.
This was (like Trusts' track) his first one in months that was "wet". It was also a "new" tracklayer, over me, walking it the day before. Like Trust, he didn't do as well as I thought he might in the wet conditions. After a number of tracks with Blast doing a great "down" at the scent pad, today, he just refused to go down into it. Was it because our tracklayer (his dad) was behind us? Was the track too "strong" with the wet grass? Another of those..."who knows"!!!? that drives me crazy...
Once he got going, he worked along fine.
On our second leg, just after turning the corner. He's doing fine here, although he did look back for "dad" a number of times.
Turned left and heading out towards our third corner.
Another right turn and we're on the fourth leg getting near the last corner. The grass changed height twice already and is about to change completely to what I refer to as beaver grass for the fifth leg.
Blast was trying to run along this leg, and I had to keep looking for mucky ruts and not go flying.
He has found his article and I'm trying to pull out the large pull toy I had stuck in the back of my pants for him. Note to self...leave it home next time. It was stuck half in my pants and half up my back and not terribly comfortable!
What is he looking at?! Do you see the head of a wolf howling? David and I both looked at this and couldn't believe it. This was the glove I had tossed up in the air for Blast, who was getting ready to jump up and catch it. If you double click on the picture to enlarge it, it really does look like the head of a wolf or husky barking or howling. Too funny...
And this was the pull toy I won't be bringing with me again. We took turns playing with this and the glove.
Unusual to see him standing still...we must have worn him out with the throws and running after the track.