Friday, August 27, 2010

Blasts' Turn to Track Today

This was the field we were tracking in today. You can just barely see Wasi lake behind the field, with the hills on the other side of the lake. A beautiful day, but very windy, winds were 24 km gusting to 35 from the west. Field was mixed growth, averaging 6" high. I had two places I had to dodge groundhog holes, on leg one and leg two, wondering what Blast would do.
Aged his track 40 mins. He's out on the first leg. With the wind whipping over the little hill, I expected he may be a little off-track, but he was dead on, working quickly. We've already gone through one set of groundhog holes, and he barely stuck his nose in one, continuing on. The yellow arrows are the wind, and the light ones mark the next set of groundhog holes, immediately following the first corner. Again, little interest, surprising to me.
He just turned perfectly on his second corner, an open one, just before the yellow flowers. Legs 3, 4 and 5 are marked here, but perspective is quite off.

His last corner was also very good, with the winds, I was surprised (pleasantly) how well he was working the track. There were other assorted holes as we went also, not sure what they were.
You can see the dust blown up on the road just behind the bush.

And there's the glove. This track had six legs, five corners, and length was beyond a TD. He did very well, I was very happy with how he was working. We played with a ball on a rope for a bit as well as the glove.