Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soaked to the bone, Emma.

Emma had a "short" TDX type track on Wednesday. It was across from the cackling sandhill cranes, which caused her some pause at her start. It also turned out to be in the adjoining field where Blast and I ran into the deer leg last week. The rain began about the same time Emma started her track, and it never let up.
And guess what?! I believe this was another part of the deer from last week. This one was about 6' to the side of the track, and Emma never noticed it. I was actually hoping she would, as Tascha didn't think Emma would leave a bone on the track, after hearing Blasts' story. It would have been interesting to see what Emma did.
Emma is just entering the top of a very deep ditch. At this time I told Tascha she could help her across the bottom if "need be". It was very mucky and had water in the bottom of the ditch, and very weedy all the way. When I laid this track, it was difficult climbing up the far side into the next field.
Almost to the top on the far side. I love obstacles like this and so do the dogs! Both fields were in lovely condition.
I felt badly for Emma. She was just so wet, and had begun to shivver a bit. The temperature was much cooler than we've had for so long, and it was a pretty tough track for her..almost all of it was in fairly short grass, but by this time it was just pouring. She's a tough little dog.