Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Title! Carmspack Blast TD

Blast earns his Tracking Dog Title in Sudbury on Sunday, September 6th. He was 16 months of age on the 4th. Nice fields and very wet conditions from the 2 days previous. And COLD!!! After such a terribly long hot spell, it was quite a shock. I'm wearing a winter jacket.
He had just dug down into a clump of clover and found his glove and then just stood over it until I came up. I think he wondered why it was buried in the clover clump!
After I held it up to show the judge, we played tug a little with it...and then I had to try and keep it from him.....ha! You cannot play too much with it after the dog indicates at a trial, and the last thing you want to do is to lose it!
We stopped on the way home and took a few pictures, as it was raining too hard to take them with the judge at the trial presentations. This was unfortunate, as it's nice to have the presentation photo with the judge.
I think we took about 20 pictures to finally get a couple where he wasn't jumping around. He really wanted his glove - you normally get to keep the final article if you pass the test, and he knew I was trying to hide it at that time to keep it in one piece. He gave me heart failure a few times, as he kept turning around to the judges and tracklayer wanting to say 'hi'. But he did a good job and now has his first tracking title.