Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So far...a mild winter...

The amount of snow we have is piling up without us realizing it! We've really had only one large dump of snow, one big snowstorm, but it seems to just keep "flurrying" as I call it, non-stop over the last few weeks. Walking through our bush, it was beautiful and quiet, and full of tracks. And I didn't expect as much snow, but being wind-protected, it does pile up.
The other thing you find, living up here, is when it snows, it usually stays due to colder temperatures. It just doesn't melt as it does further south. Pros and cons, I guess, under normal conditions, we have snow from November to March, occasionally still into April.
This is the front field, and though it may only look like a few inches of snow, there are two layers. This often happens, a layer of snow on the ground will form a hard crust. Sometimes you can walk on it - nice, but other times you sink through, and that is really hard walking. Here, we have fresher snow over the hard layer, hard enough to stay on top.
Our favorite old birch tree that is being (we think) mainly held up by surrounding trees. Each time there's a storm with high winds, we wonder if it will still be there. It's pretty much dead, with branches coming off regularly. We walk quickly under it!