Monday, September 12, 2011

Found a New (BOO!) Spot for Tank

Heading out on scrubby veg. into a very quiet area....a cemetery on the other side of the road.A very, very old cemetery, death dates on some grave markers are in the late 1800's.
I plan to go back one day and wander through and read them, it was most interesting. Above we are under giant pine trees, walking on crunchy pine cones and twigs and branches.Tank just indicated his first article, a small plastic lid, and I'm fishing out a reward for him. We will cross a narrow gravel road and head into an unused part of the cemetery.Tank had taken the correct turn, but suddenly turned and ran around in a large circle before coming back to the track again. I'm standing near the corner.And off he goes. I'm really biting my tongue about what may have 'moved' him...
And this was odd, also. He totally missed the wood article, circling around it, but not 'touching' it. I waited, verbally encouraged him to keep looking, and after two circles, he did indicate it with a foot touch, then down.Off we go again, leaving the cemetery, climbing up a little bank, across the road, and nto a loose gravel area.Tank made his turn and headed over to the final article, but again was slow to indicate. I've wondered this past week if he was showing signs of allergies, and hope this isn't the case, but will have to watch closely this week. He just wasn't his 'normal' self and seemed pretty hot or pooped before the end of the track.