Friday, October 28, 2011

Emmas' Track Thursday

Tracking both Emma and Trust along the lakefront on Thursday, not as many distractions as normal due to very cold and frost morning. Emma started out with two legs on nice grass and headed up over a hill to turn right along a sidewalk.
A little bobble getting started but then moved along both legs really well. This is an area where people cut through with dogs heading to the boardwalk.Working along here really nicely, look at her nose!After crossing a driveway, they turned and went through some bushes onto a strip of grass then into this parking area. I think her second article was just before she turned left in this picture. They would be on their fifth leg here,heading toward the strip of grass again, and then to a road crossing. Emma is working great.It was quite a wait for cars in both directions to clear, as it takes a while to cross the road. Tascha is staying close here, just in case. They will make another right turn on the grass taking them to their final article behind the sign.Emma just loves her articles, and has a great time playing with them at the end of her tracks. Nice job.