Friday, October 28, 2011

Finally, Trust Gets to Track

I remember when I used to think how slow Trust worked and that she seemed to 'daydream' along the track. Not doing a track very often with her any longer, since she became a TCh...what a change to go back to her from Tank and Blast. A REALLY NICE change, I mean...It was so nice to be walking 'behind' her...
She's so confident now, and happy and full of energy going tracking. She acts like the puppy she never was!Trust just made her first left turn, I'm just about to follow. We will be crossing the road, towards the lake.We had to wait for traffic to cross, so are now running over as there's another car coming along.We've crossed a stretch of grass and moved out into the parking lot. Luckily, the geese seem to have mainly left, as there wasn't the normal amount of droppings...I had forgotten about that! This is a tough area, normally with wind coming off the lake.We've turned left, I really don't remember what she was 'interested' in here, I don't remember seeing anything there.On we go across the asphalt, there is a cloth article before the curb, and then over onto grass. She's really working nicely here.We move up a little slope and under some trees, she's very determined and close to another turn.After her corner, we go down a slope, over a walkway and up a little hill. She's just reached another article before the top of the hill. Windy on top. We will go over the hilltop, down and along a long stretch of patchy grass to her final article.There it is! This was not a really long track, just a good time for her and she did it with ease. She was hopping around like a young pup after we were done, walking back to the van. Such a good girl!