Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Great New Urban Tracking Location

I walked through this area a few weeks ago, and had it in the back of my mind. It's a huge (80 acres) outdoor sportsplex, new this year. Now, it is rarely used (time of year) and I went back to check it out. Perfect! So many configurations could be put in here. Only one front field still has some geese/poop on it, the rest is clean as a whistle. So, I decided to lay a track there yesterday for Blast and today I went back and did an identical one for Tank. Between the fenced fields it's like a wind tunnel and there are cover changes all over. Both yesterday and today, I never saw another soul there.
I really can't handle either Tank or Blast properly and try to take pictures at the same time. So I decided today to take a few while I laid the track. Above is my first leg. There is a paved parking lot to the left of this grass. Before I reach the pavillion, there is an asphalt drive, woodchips, on to a cement area under the overhang. Then back out on woodchips, then grass again, where I make a right turn.Second leg on grass, over a paved drive by the fencing and both days I laid a serpentine track through this complete section, with the first article 2/3 of the way up. This was the 'wind tunnel' area.Even though there is fence on each side, there is still plenty of room to train. All the fenced in fields are locked.This picture shows the track coming out of the serpentine area, turning and moving along one field in grass, and a second article out behind. Then an open turn up and over onto coarse stone driveway, which is next to a strip of asphalt again, beside another fenced in area.Moving along the stones and making a turn between two more fenced fields and out onto sparse grass.A left turn onto a long stretch of paved drive and and up to the final article next to unfinished area which was dirt. It was interesting to do the "same" track for both dogs. Conditions were very similar and both Blast and Tank did pretty well, but made it obvious how they have very different styles of working on a track. Neither worked the serpentine as well as I thought they might have, but it was strong wind coming towards us both days. Would be interesting to give it some time and try again, if weather co-operates...running out of time here before winter!!