Friday, November 4, 2011

Walks, Huge Branches and Balls...

Although the nights are below freezing, the days are sunny and "almost" warm...still good weather for this time of year. After tracking in the morning, just did two afternoon with Tank, Trust and Blast, and one with Kira.
As I planned to do some "ball work" with Kira in the field, I wouldn't let her take anything on our walk out, and she just HAD to dart into the forest first and drag out a large branch.The worst part of this, is that she runs straight at me, and I have to duck around something. She knows one speed, and that is full throttle...Ah, I managed to find a momentary lapse of attention, and was able to break it! I'm getting the "what did you do that for" look...We then went on to work on the balls which certainly made her even more happy than trying to knock me down with the branch.Jumping Jack Blast. Have to make sure Tank doesn't get any opportunity to catch that ball, he's up and ready to grab it, before Tank barely left his sit position.Trust has just about had enough of both of them, and flips around to show them both who is really the boss here.
I like to think this all tires them out, but, alas, it doesn't last very long before they try to convince me we haven't been for a walk yet!!!