Saturday, November 5, 2011

This afternoon, I was short on time to get three good dog walks in, and decided to try a little experiment and take Kira out with Tank. Kira thought she had died and gone to heaven, Tank was very kind with her, and loving all the attention.
Tank has the new blue ball in his mouth and Kira just about did head stands to try and get it from him.She had her "arms" wrapped around his head, jumping on top of him, and he finally let her take it. No doubt, it was just to get rid of her, if only for a moment.Then the little witch teased him mercilessly, running back at him, sticking the ball in his face, over and over.Finally, he took off after her, much to her delight, and they ran full speed circles around the bushes and the trails until I had to intervene. It's clear who is boss in this scenario, but they both had a great time.