Friday, October 28, 2011

Today - Tank & Kira

I still have pics. from yesterday, but since only taking a few today, thought I'd get them on here quickly. Tank worked in a busy intersection area, around the Quints' home (in the background here) and in front of a hotel. I didn't get my camera out until his fourth leg, he had slowed a bit by then, and mainly done with the grass area. Like yesterday, unexpected obstacle on his...It was quite windy here, cold but sunny, aged 1 1/2 hr., 4 articles.
Did a lot of short grass with garbage scattered about, and had a cloth article on his second leg. Above, we finish most of the grass, and will turn left onto brick walkway after corner of this building.Tank has just hit his corner, and turned. Will move down brick walkway alongside building to the front of it.We hit a small triangle of grass before crossing a well-used driveway. Tank has just found a small plastic article under the bush branch. I hid this one, as the walkway is busy, and I didn't want someone to pick it up.After the driveway, we cross a small square with grass into hotel parking area. Tank headed to a piece of ?, close to the track and he dismissed it. Red arrow shows the track. Besides the sewer drain, is his metal article, luckily, still there. Just before it, pointed in yellow, was an old leather glove. It was there when I laid the track. Tank actually picked it up and looked at me. I said "is it ours" and he spit it out, moved to the sewer and found the metal article. Further on, you will see the track goes UNDER the transport truck, under the first set of tires, which was making a delivery.Tank stopped at the article, I asked him to "touch it", which he was just preparing to do.He tracked well over to the truck, and made a little detour around to the front. Surprised me, actually, it looked too easy! (my dogs always surprise me, they're smart, I'm not!After going around the front of the truck cab, he went back on the track, still on pavement, until this area, when he crossed the curb and moved along, down into the deep ditch for the final article. It was quite a drop, more garbage, and although I went down in it to leave the article (leather), I was glad he picked it up and climbed back up to give it to me. He did a really nice job!
*While it was aging, Kira and I went to the shopping mall and trooped around through there...meeting lots of people of all sizes and inspecting some (at first) kind of scary Hallowe'en 'pretend' people. A lady approached us from a local paper and was quite interested in what we were doing and took a bunch of pictures. She might do a little story, regardless, I will contact her to see if we can get some pictures.*
Still have more tracks from yesterday, when I get back to them tonight or tomorrow.