Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blasts' Short but Interesting Track

Just a short drive from the track that Tank was doing, Blasts' track had a nice mix of grass, gravel/sand, nice grass, chunky gravel. I also saw fresh deer tracks when I laid the track and a couple of fresh deer poop piles almost on the track.
His track started beside a building on grass, headed out to this area where he's made a turn and nearly completed a long leg on gravel. The deer crossed here and there were fresh truck tracks also, probably looking for the deer. He'll hit the grass soon and turn right, over a narrow driveway and back onto nice grass.Blast has just made another corner, and is just passing the deer poop. There is an article just ahead as a reward/lure to pass the poop. Up ahead, we cross the chunky gravel, through a bit of a ditch and climb up the little hill.He's just making a corner here, continues to near the end of the tennis court before turning right again. There was also an article up here.Heading down the hill, I had to carefully go sideways, it was steeper than it looks. Why I turned down here is beyond me! I had to keep telling Blast to 'wait'.We head up this stretch of grass, cross a gravel driveway and his leather article is on the far side. I stopped taking pics. here, as I saw a lady with a small dog walking towards us from the left. I guess she spotted us, as she turned and went around the other way. Blast worked really well, he hardly veered from the track at any point from start to finish. It was aged about an hour.