Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've not done any article 'searching' for Kira in a while, and decided to take a couple of items out in the barn this morning, let them age a short while, and then take her out to "work". The storage barn is a real jumble right now, and almost impossible to walk through in there. I ended up tossing the items back into difficult places to reach. I took her out for a brief 'walk and relief' first, snapped on her leash and headed to the barn. As soon as I mentioned "work" she was instantly alert.
I expected a little time for her to begin searching, and wasn't ready with the camera. As soon as I unsnapped her, she was rushing in towards the first item. She had it in her mouth coming out, before I could focus. It was a sock, hidden to the left, back behind a bunch of garden items.I sent her back in, and zoom...around to the right this time, she tried to squeeze back in here but was stuck. It is in a small opening, back against the wall. She backed out far enough so that she could turn.Out around the snowblower, and over the mower and then squeezed between the blower and the grey thing over to reach in and get it.No problem, just fun, out she comes with the old glove. Just great fun for her. She is so keen and so fast to scent these hidden articles out, regardless of what she has to go through to get them. You can see there are gas cans in there also, no problem.