Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tanks' Big Water Reward

Tuesday was one more great day for tracking, and we went out for two in a nearby town. Tanks' track was aged under two hours, a nice setting and he got a huge bonus after his.
He's on his first leg in this picture. I almost nixed this location as there were lots of geese last week, and wasn't sure about the goose poop. Then figured, might as well work "through it" if it was present. Wasn't much, and he had no interest.A person and a dog walked through here after I laid the track, but he worked along easily and out on the grass again. I just noticed...the swings are gone, getting prepared for winter. The red X marks a wood article.We made a turn past the playground equipment and moved up around the other side of it. He is working really well through here. A couple of kids were playing on the equipment and he totally ignored them.This turn takes him down towards the covered pavillion, cement floor. Just before he reaches it, there's a cloth article in the shade, which he pounced on. We go through the pavillion, onto grass, sand/dirt, and turn left taking us into the gravel area of the parking lot. This turn was really close to the water, and he stopped to watch a bunch of gulls on a dock, and ducks swimming...oh, he wanted to go there...But...turned in between the cars and heads out to the next row. Just behind the next row, the parking lot becomes asphalt heading towards the building.With all the comings and goings here, causing scent to swirl around, he did really well, keeping right on the track. It's a medical building we are heading towards and also lots of foot traffic on the asphalt to the back entrance door.Quick change from asphalt to brick here, as I cut across it, to 'hide' the piece of leather so it hopefully wouldn't be picked up. Interesting to see how the dogs work these areas.And here's his reward! I walked him down to the beach and kept the long line on, as I didn't want to see him trying to swim out to the ducks!!!So he just got to paddle around a little, and I threw a few little sticks for him. He was very happy. This is a rare treat, and especially so late in the year. He ended up pretty soaked.The last picture..I was calling him out. The look says "are you kidding"?!!?