Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas...

Now this looks more like winter. It's perfect, as everything is sparkling with fresh clinging snow, yet it's only about 4" deep and so all the walking trails, or anyplace really, are open. Very pretty this morning, but rain is being called for then a deep freeze...crazy once again!
This picture is the trail to the west from the house into the forest. Only fox tracks on here this morning.And this is the vacant old barn across the fence on our east side. Always love this's 400 acres of wilderness, where most of the wolves howl from.Heading up behind the house, in front of the back forest. Don't know what, but 'something' sure had Tanks' interest. He could be a show dog!!! Actually he did get one point in his early life, at his first show, but conformation shows were not my interest.Same trail, Trust (the new almost 10 puppy) is racing back to me.Next walk....Blast out in the front field, surveying the scenery atop a hay bale. He's the lookout, should have called him "Scout"...Then Kira and I went back into the forest, following the tracks from the buck to see where he was travelling to and fro. She had jumped up into this tree and all the snow on the branches fell on her. She thought this was fun and was about to try again, but no snow left this time. Oh, well, there's always branches to yank out!!!! And that's where she moved off to.