Monday, December 26, 2011

New Snow on Christmas Day!

Christmas Day brought a 'somewhat' unexpected snowfall...flurries were predicted, but the system stalled and what started as a light snowfall ended up to be very signficant by the evening. I have to go out early today and take a few photos as it is unbelievably beautiful. The temp. went above freezing and it was wet, so absolutely every little thing out there has snow stuck to it and it is glistening.
This is Blast, Tank and Trust on our first early walk heading out of the east field, across the driveway and over into the west side. Even early the small pines in front are being weighted down.Further into the west field, looking back towards the house. Snowfll much heavier now. It's hard to believe only a few hours ago, everything was bare...clear of snow.David and Kira beside one of the larger spruce trees at the side of the field. Skies are very dark, but it is nice and mild.The snowflakes were the strangest shape yesterday, either big and boxy, or looking like large white butterflies flitting downwards. David was tossing snowballs up in the air for Kira.I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my timing to take pictures of her jumping up to catch the snowballs. Finally I watched, and he was throwing them so high, she had to sit and wait for them to begin to come down. At least her timing was good. I gave up on these. We enjoyed a few walks though yesterday. For years we've looked forward to our Christmas Day Dog Walks, but hard to believe we used to take eight to nine dogs at once on these. Miss those old days and miss those old dogs...