Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Emmas' Track Today

Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures of this track today, as the first part was on ice, and I had to keep looking where I was walking...
Emma is just off the start in this picture. Cool day down at the waterfront.Second leg, Emma has just gone over the curb and is heading into the parking area.They went over a snowpile and made a right turn to the second article.This was a very long leg, and mean Tascha laid this part of her track through pretty thick, heavy snow that tiny Emma had to navigate. Lucky that Emma is tough! Here she climbs a little hill, she's right on the track.This was a real rough area, the "ground" was really mucky and the track was on a slope. Emma just found her final article.Playtime! Emma loves her gloves so much, will chase and pull until the cows come home!Chasing her glove, she's kind of stuck momentarily in deep (for her!) snow..