Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tank Tracks at Waterfront

Still cool, but a lovely day near the lakefront. I ran into a few areas I was kind of stuck at laying the track when I hit unexpected snowpiles, but was able to navigate around them. Combination of bare ground, ice, snow (hard packed to deep soft), paved drive, gravel parking area. Lots of changes, short and curved legs when I hit obstacles. Tanks' track was aged a little over an hour, with 4 articles, distractions were no issue with him.
We've just left the start, taking him in from an angle. Still frozen Lake Nipissing is in the background.Trying to place myself so I don't go flying head first, Tank is crossing a paved driveway and we head towards a long leg consisting of bare, dead grass, ice, snow. The old Chief Commanda in the background, permanently docked, which was made into a summer restaurant.Moving along at a good clip, Tank checks out a piece of garbage, about 2' left of his track. He quickly dismissed it. I'm standing just back from his corner.Veering off from the garbage, he went a bit left, all of a sudden he leaped and raced back to the track, making me wonder if I'd end up on my rear end. Luckily, he slowed down when he was on the track again. We are now heading up a hill.I gave Tank the metal article for his first one, just beyond the snow on the dead grass surface. He circled around it twice before indicating it, not too keen on metal so I made a point of having him briefly take it and gave him a treat after. As we headed into the gravel parking area, we passed a fish skin that a fisherman left behind from he cleaning his fish. Luckily I realized what it was when Tank sniffed at it in passing (I hadn't noticed it when I laid the track) and as soon as I said 'leave it', he focused back on the track. In this picture, he is nearing his left turn.He made the turn nicely and continues on to where I ran into a snow pile that was difficult to navigate through and over. We had to make another left turn and get through this on a little hill and a small bare area. He, of course, had no problem, just me!It was a good place to leave another article, for a pause, reward. I'm taking the plastic lid from him, no treat here just a big verbal reward and chest rub.I had to make a pretty quick turn after his article. We went down the hill and hit snow again, and turned right. The line is curved on the corner and we are moving into more snow again, which becomes fairly deep as we move through a narrow opening. Curving around behind one of the carousels, we leave the deeper snow behind and into a bare patch again, alongside the road for ways. An article is ahead, as we serpentine to the right. Tank has lifted his head here, he's either scented the wood article, or ??Article between his legs, he knows I'm fishing around for a treat this this time.We're on our final leg now and the last article, a sock, is behind the pine trees and near the large grey structure. Tank loves socks, he will happy when he gets there!Playing with the sock, throwing it up to catch, I can't believe how big he looks stretched out!!! We did a lot of pulling with the sock, and catching it. He carried his sock all the way back to the van, a long way to go...he was very pleased with himself and so was I!!