Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Emmas' Urban Track Monday

 We did a short urban track for Emma on Monday.  There was a bunny following me when I walked to start the scent pad; it circled around and popped out in front of me, crossing the track twice.  Emma seemed to 'follow' it's scent a little, but came back to the track with a little urging.
 Bit tough here, leaving grass and crossing a busy driveway to parking area, we cross and go over a brick walk before heading into grass again.
 Emma is doing well here, navigating between bushes, trees and birdfeeders.
 She has crossed another very busy and very wide driveway.  She is about 4' to the left of the track and will shortly edge over that way and pick it up as it moves across the yellow guide and then under a tree where it turns right.
 Tascha and Emma have crossed another driveway/parking area and a large expanse of grass where the first article (wood) was on pine needles.  Emma indicated it fine.  Heading onto another driveway, the MOT turn is just ahead.
The track moves up this driveway for quite some time before her final article.  Emma chose to work the scent alongside the driveway against the grass.  The wind was coming that way (see the flag).  She actually came back out on the driveway before her article and then had to turn back to the grass to find it, having scented it as she went by.  Afraid the pictures there were a total blue as she played with the article.  It was very hot and humid and aged over an hour, so she did very well.