Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Final Sunday Class Students

 This is Cruiser working along his second leg after making a nice right turn.
 Cruiser is at his article, and Lori is just walking up to him.  Nice work!
 Chimay has just gone past a flag indicating a corner is coming (look for body language!) and she has just found the corner above.
 Nice line handling from Carrie with Chimay, working nicely along the track.
 Article found!  Chimay blends perfectly into the dandelions that have gone to seed.
 Reese works out enthusiastically ahead of Rosemary.  This was an easy one turn track with a longer to follow later laid with multi articles.
 Do you think I could get any pictures of Abbey tracking?  Not in this grass!  Here she is at her article.
 Wet and happy, and wanting more!
 Hunter did a great job on his track.  He is one of the blind dogs and we were all so happy to see how HAPPY he was at the end of his track when he reached his article.  His tail wagged the whole track.
 Hunter has just made a left turn and is so right on his track!
 Rosemary is rewarding him.  So nice to see him do this and have a job that makes him happy!  I think he was the oldest dog as well, estimated between 12 and 15. Special!
Reese at the end of her second track, looking back to see what is keeping Rosemary with her treat.
Unfortunately a couple in this group couldn't make the last class due to being called into work, and one with an injury.  They all progressed really well in only four weeks and I think a few will be continuing to work and interested in possibly entering a fall trial.  Best is having the two blind dogs do something fun and rewarding for them.