Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dry, Sparse Veg.on Windy,Hot Day

 I'd have to say this was a "test" track, something I rarely do, but needed to know how Blast would do under difficult conditions.  This field was mainly dead, knocked down growth from two years, with only weeds, mossy areas, and now some brush coming up in it.  It was very, very windy, and hot. He did exceptionally well, slower than normal, which is why I could get some pictures, and he was working all the time.
Above we are on our third leg nearing a turn and he's cut short (with wind) checking out the left side, not far off, and about to turn back.
 He's made the turn and almost back on the track heading for the road crossing.
 He started to gallop a bit here, feeling very confident.  He did check the left on the road, before continuing across. The track goes straight and then makes a right turn over the little rise.
 Went through a large mossy area with no issue, took a cut path slightly to the left, turned and is coming back onto the track.  He's close to a second article, which may have drawn him back.
 And there it is, he's just reached it.  I love the next picture, a lucky shot as I zoomed in.
 He has nudged the article from where it was pushed down and is now licking it.
 We continued on, made an open left turn which eventually took us to the cut path going alongside a fence.  I purposely went this route, to give him a bit of an easier way nearing the end of the track, in case he 'needed' it.
 The path curves to the right (too easy!) so his track continues straight into the lousy growth again with his article further ahead.
He's not great at indications, I asked for a down here, he complied as he's a little hot and tired.  The article is under his right leg.  Nice working track, I was very pleased.
As pooped as I thought he was, as soon as I pulled out his tug toy, he was raring to go again!