Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last day of 4 wk. workshop

 We started with a beautiful early morning for our last day for four of the class members.  The rest will be finishing off on Sat.  This young buck was deciding whether to carry on, or turn and go back into the forest.
 Wisely, he decided to join his buddies, and off they went, so we could get started!
 Maurita and Thomas are preparing to enter a TDX this year.  They did a very nice track in a rolling area of the field.  I was so intent in watching, I forgot to take pictures until they were finished!  Maurita (black fly hat!) and Thomas are playing with the glove following their track.
 Carrie and Chimay did their first straight line track and 90 degree corner today, having been doing serpentines previously.  Great work, Chimay has done well with the nose-down work from the scent circles and serpentines.  She did a beautiful job on her corner.
 Ramona and Gracie (one of our elder dogs) heading out on their first straight leg.  Gracie made a little circle at her corner and then headed right onto her turn. Looking good again!
 Ramona again.  Gracie has just crossed a ditch with stinky water and dead grasses.  Gracie checked each way in the ditch, climbed out and immediately nose down on the track, and moved out. Very clear she was on the track.
Second short straight track for Chimay on her second leg, nearing her article. Good work again.
It had become very hot part way through our work today but the dogs worked very well.  I was very pleased with the dogs and handlers also.  We discussed a number of things they've learned and what to practice on, and getting together perhaps in a few weeks and seeing how everyone is doing.  I have one day left with the other group in this 4 wk. session, will post pictures from them in a few days.  I think there will be a few that plan to continue to work towards entering tracking tests, hoping to be ready for the fall, or next spring.  They are certainly capable if they continue to work towards this.  Now I need to work more with my own dogs for a while!