Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wed. Class

 Last Wed. was a cold and windy day.  I thought I uploaded these, but then remembered I had some problem and didn't go back to check.  Working on scent circles, much smaller and less food, and longer serpentines, mixed with straight legs and little food.  Even with the strong and gusty wind, the dogs kept their noses to the ground.
 So why don't we hear of more Bouviers in tracking?  Chimay has come along really well, but Carrie is also good at reading her.  Here they are doing work in a square.
 Had sharp rain blowing in nearing the end of the class.  Dogs just worked on well.
Cheryl is letting Gracie head into the small scent circle on her own.  Gracie didn't spend long in it, and headed right out onto her track.   (That's the wind blowing up Cheryls' coat - funny)  Nose down on Gracie.
The scent circles and serpentines have worked amazingly well with the dogs in classes this year, and wonderful for my Kira.  This was the only way I got my old Jess to start out on her own
I learned this method from Orrin & Susan Eldreds' book "Fascinating Scent".  It truly works well to start new dogs independently, nose down and stay on track.  Also helps to focus or slow a fast advanced dog.  I highly recommend it.