Sunday, May 20, 2012

Waaay Too Hot Today!!

 Early morning I drove to the site we planned to use today, walked into the first field and these deer didn't even pay any attention to me.  On the road in..there were two female moose crossing, too far ahead to get a picture before heading off into a field.
 It was already over 22C when I started to set up some tracks.  Luckily (in one way) a couple of people couldn't come today, so it shortened the day a little.  It was honestly too hot to track today...getting up to 32C in the afternoon.  Above is Hunter, one of the blind dogs going out on his track.
 He has finished it, and is being rewarded by Rosemary.  Hunter did a super nice track, we did a full 'U' shape for him today, and he had absolutely no food on his track and worked very nicely.
 Loris' dog, Cruiser was really feeling the heat this morning, I think.  He has a thick coat and was reluctant to start.  We ended up quitting his track, and put him away for a while.  We then had Lori lay one for him with food on it, also a "U" and he did just fine.
 Little Charlie, the other blind dog in the class, is moving out just in front of Karen.  Once he got going on his "U" track, he did well.  He did another track later, laid by Rosemary, a simple 'L' shape and did very good on it as well. 
 Charlies' face is there somewhere!  He has no interest in the article as yet, so Karen gives him a squeeky ball toy when he reaches his article.  He has a lot of fun with this.
 Rosemary wanted to practice mainly on her starts today, so we did four tracks, from just one straight leg to two leg tracks, all varying lengths and all aged from short to long and in different fields.  I had Lori do a cross track on one, and Karen do a cross track on another.  Reese did exceptionally well with her starts today.  She also had no interest in the cross tracks.  She moved out from the scent pad really nicely and looked great.
 This was a second leg (you can see it) with Reese.  She has just reached her article.
She always lies down on her article and is being rewarded by Rosemary.
Really happy with the dogs working today, and it was unbearably hot, and NOT a good day to train.  Told them to wait for rain before going out again, supposed to get some, we are under fire bans of any kind right now.  Everyone did a good job!