Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Scent Circle & Serpentine Work

 Yesterday was the first time for Cheryl and Gracie learning the scent circle and the serpentine.  Each dog in the class did a scent circle, was put away for a short period.  This was a huge learning curve FOR THE OWNERS.  A loose leash, walking dog toward the scent circle, and in each case, the dogs just dove in and began working on their own.  Each dog occasionally went out of the scent circle, and almost immediately came back in to it.  Quite eye opening for some.
 Gracie is now out for the second time, and working along the serpentine.  Really nice work, nose down, staying on the curved track.  And each dog WAS ENTHUSED!
 This is Ramona and Libby on their second "track" moving along the serpenting.  Libby also kept her head down, she carries her nose a few inches up from the track, but that's her style...she was tracking along really well.
 Here she has found her article.  Libby is one of the 'old' dogs in the class, and isn't it great to have something like this to do!!
 Gracie (two Gracies) just left her scent cirle, is moving along the straight line to the serpentine.  She's doing it all on her own.
 Ramona almost bumped into her, when Gracie stopped at one curve with a treat.  I don't remember Gracie lifting her head for a moment, or slowing down.
Yay!  Gracie had a straight line to her article, after leaving the serpentine.  Really nice work.