Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trust Does a Long Awaited Field Track!

 Trust has not done a field track for at least two years.  I took her to the class today with me as a treat to get out into the field.  I wanted the class to see how she worked a "real track" as well.  Trust was ecstatic even though she had a three hour wait.  I laid her track first, (there was a dead animal almost directly on the first leg, as I came up out of a ditch, and after the class, Trust went on the track.  Everyone followed so they could watch her corners, articles, work ethic.
 Above she just took her first corner onto the second leg.
 She has completed three legs, found one of her three articles, and turned left at this corner, with two legs to go.
Her last leg went up a hill to the final article near an exit from the field.  Here she sits at her final article.  Her reward was visiting with everyone and being fawned over!  I'm so glad I planned this for her, she worked like she had no layoff from tracking in fields.