Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rose Breasted Grosbeaks

 Many spring birds arrived back this past week.  We usually have two pairs of Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, but so far, I've spied 4 males....I hope that means an increase; if the females arrive, we should have 4 nesting pairs and more babies.  They are such a beautiful bird, and sing as well!
So pretty.  And the first two hummingbirds have arrived, always the same time each year, but luckily, I had put 2 feeders out 2 days before I saw or heard them.  There are still absolutely no flowers for them.  I went out the next day and bought two hanging flowering plants to give them something more than the feeders.  Another strange happening with our weather.  There have been some blackflies out already as well, early for them, hope that doesn't mean they will be bad this year.